We’re Chad & Jess, the new owners of Eat.Love.BR., a social media platform that features the local food scene in and around the Baton Rouge area. Our families are friends. We love our city and the food in it. While food is the focus of Eat.Love.BR, the experience is what we want to showcase. When friends and family gather around a table and share a meal there is a sense of belonging that happens and experiences take place that form who we are. The best part of Sweet Baton Rouge is there are plenty of local eateries to gather around a table!

We can’t pinpoint the precise beginning of our brother/sister friendship, but just know Mexico, kidney stones and a mission trip were involved and the lifetime of our friendship is in double digits. We’ve lived a lot of life in a community together. We have seen each other get married (shout out to Allison and Kenny), adopt kids, birth kids and we’ve eaten a lot of food with our families and friends.
We both do marketing stuff for our daytime jobs. Chad moonlights as an artist (check out one of his pieces at White Star Market), he is the curator of #thatLAcommunity, and brings the cool factor. Jess dabbles in arranging flowers, decorating spaces, and plays the role of detail wrangler.
We have great hair and we like to party. Follow along as we journey through our great city one meal at a time.

How long have you lived in Baton Rouge?

Jess: 22 years
Chad: 33 years

What is your Baton Rouge go-to coffee spot and order?

Jess: New found favorite, Lighthouse Coffee… lavender latte please!

Chad: Magpie downtown is a current favorite. Almond milk latte all day!

What is your favorite Baton Rouge hidden gem?

Jess: The patio at Zorba’s. Tucked in the middle of busy Essen Lane, as soon as you walk in you’re instantly transported to Greece. This fully climate controlled outdoor space feels like vacay in the the middle of the week. and the food…all the heart eyes.
Chad : Dang’s on Florida Blvd! It’ll make you go DAAAAANG!

What is your favorite Baton Rouge restaurant?

Jess: That’s a loaded question for a local foodie. I’ll go with favorite experience…my first date with my husband was at Pinetta’s. It’s a quaint, romantic little restaurant with great food, service and an atmosphere that is sure to make you fall in love…at least that’s what it did for me.
Chad: I spent a lot of years waiting tables and bartending at Portobello’s Grill in Bocage and I never got tired of eating the food. Locally owned by a super nice family and a long history of serving Baton Rouge!

On a typical Saturday night, where would we find you in Baton Rouge?

Jess: Kenny and I love to go out on date nights with our group of friends. Nine times out of ten it involves 12 people eating amazing local food, the girls navigating towards each other, and roars of laughter.
Chad: Probably eating somewhere. Anywhere.  Or cooking something fun with my wife or our friends. We love to pretend we really know what we’re doing in the kitchen.


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