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My name is Ellen Pino – I own Avant Tous Beauty Bar in Baton Rouge with my friend, Cassie Starns. We have 2 locations, one in Central and one off Perkins Rd, near Bluebonnet. We are the only full service, luxury Beauty Bar in Baton Rouge! We offer everything from nails, airbrush tans, esthetics and waxing, lash extensions and massage, to professional hair and makeup.  Beauty inside and out… from head to toe!


Owning a spa that pampers women is such a privilege and my mission. As a working mother of 3 children and a wife, I know how easy it is to let a part of you slip awa as you are busy caring for everyone else. You wake up one day, look in the mirror and don’t recognize who you are. At Avant, we encourage you to take time out for yourself and invest back in YOU! Regroup with a massage, mani / pedi, facial, etc. One, one hour service each week can do a world of good for all of us! A strong, empowered, and confident woman influences and impacts everyone she meets. To us, it is more than painting your nails, or putting lashes on, or getting a massage, it is about helping you get something back. Confidence, strength, movement, laughter, getting back to you!


We do lash extensions and miroblading on several cancer survivors. Through the many ups and downs of this battle, most of them not only lose the hair on their head but the hair on their face. Think for a moment what that does to a woman’s confidence, dealing with so much emotionally and physically. Once in remission and receiving their physician’s approval, in just 1 session, we are able to give them that back! Gorgeous eyebrows to frame their eyes and lashes again. What an honor.  The passion for beauty isn’t about a superficial appearance, it is about empowerment for women to look and feel their best in whatever way that translates to them – we just happen to have an amazing medium to do it! And let’s face it, it’s just super fun. We get to play with hair, nails, skin, and makeup all day!


I hope to have the privilege of sharing that more and more as we grow! My vision is huge for this company and I can’t wait to see the doors God opens!


Married? YES

Have children? YES- 3 (all girls)

What is your Baton Rouge go-to coffee spot? CC’s, Bluebonnet and Airline, I should have a photo on the wall, haha!

What is your favorite Baton Rouge hidden gem? Downtown Baton Rouge. I say that almost jokingly because it is clearly not “hidden”, as much as it is forgotten. There is so much historical significance within the walls of downtown. Take the new Watermark for example – incredible transformation of space, but expanded and highlighted the charm and story of its past. I love embracing the charm of the old buildings and excitement of the new being born and revitalized.

What’s your favorite Baton Rouge king cake? Don’t shame me, but I am an Oak Point / LeBlanc’s King Cake Person.  Unassuming but taste great.

What is your favorite Baton Rouge restaurant? This is hard, especially as the Baton Rouge food scene has never been hotter. We are foodies and a place is just as much atmosphere, vibe, comfort, as it is food, a place where we can laugh, enjoy life and local food. That place WAS Table before they closed their doors, but The Gregory, Stab’s, Beausoleil, and Ruffino’s all embody that for us and we find ourselves drawn back there.    

What’s your favorite thing about Mardi Gras Parade? Memories with your family! When I moved away from LA for a bit I didn’t realize the impact Louisiana traditions and memories had on my life. Since that time, I have cherished creating these traditions and memories with my own children. The hype of the season, excitement in my kids, their laughter and joy while getting pelted with beads, and wanting to do it all over again the next weekend!

On a typical Saturday Night where would we find you in Baton Rouge? Dinner with friends, either out or on the back patio, building a life of memories with friends and family is my style!


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