Hey friends! I’m Hannah, the face behind Cold Coffee Hot Mess. I’ve been married to Jonathan, my college sweetheart, for 10 years and we are parents to the three sweetest boys. I’m a borderline crunchy mama, but you’ll still find goldfish and Reese’s cups in my pantry at all times. I love health and fitness, but also love Netflix and cheeseburgers (it’s called balance, right?). I’ve lived in Louisiana nearly my entire life, and I’ve been in the Baton Rouge area since I was three years old (minus a 3 year stint at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston). When I’m not changing diapers or in the carpool line, you can find me bloggingpainting, or taking photos.

Cold Coffee Hot Mess is my heart and soul. I strongly believe in the power of women sharing life authentically and encouraging one another. You may find pretty pictures on my Instagram feed, but you’ll mostly find raw and relatable moments; real life talk for real life moms. So if you’re into that kind of thing I would love to hang out with you! You can find me on Instagram & Facebook @coldcoffeehotmess, and online at

How long have you lived in Baton Rouge? I’ve lived in the Baton Rouge area since I was three years old, minus a 3-year stint in north Louisiana for college.

What is your Baton Rouge go-to coffee spot and order? Most days I drink my coffee black at home. But I love a good almond milk latte. Starbucks on Airline is convenient, but Magpie does it best.

What is your favorite Baton Rouge hidden gem? The Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center. It’s literally hidden off one of the busiest roads in Baton Rouge. The scenery is gorgeous! There are walking trails easy enough that you can take your kids, and the nature center itself hosts some impressive wildlife.

What is your favorite Baton Rouge restaurant? Mason’s Grill, because they have the best hamburgers in town (the avocado swiss is my favorite). I also really love Roberto’s River Road Restaurant.

On a typical Saturday night, where would we find you in Baton Rouge? With three small kids, most nights are spent at home! We love getting away for a movie date night at Movie Tavern though.

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