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Hi there! I’m Blake!

I wear a number of hats, the most important ones being wife to Jeremy and mama to my two girls Pacey and Elliot. I write on a personal blog, where I talk about everything from the big things God is teaching me to my favorite hair products. It’s basically just my little corner of the Internet where I do as I please. I also own a brand and website design company – Magnolia Ink, where I get to join together my passion for helping others achieve their dreams & my love for design to build brands and websites that allow other creatives to confidently go out into the world and build their businesses. I do most of this with one or both children in my lap or at my feet, always attempting to find that perfect work-at-home-mom balance that I’m pretty sure actually doesn’t exist

Born and raised in Louisiana, I’ve never lived anywhere else – so this place is in my bones. I love being from the south and all the wonderful things that come with it. So writing for a blog intended to highlight the beauty of Baton Rouge (a place I’ve called home for 10 years now), is the perfect hat to add to my collection. I love writing the pieces I get to share here, and I can’t wait to see what this blog grows into.
I’m also the co-founder of the Hope Together Project, a photo series that we use to give people a platform to be honest and raw about their struggles with mental health. It just launched in May, but the response has already been incredible.

Married? Have children? I’ve been married to my sweet Jeremy for five years, and we have two daughters, Pacey (3) & Elliot (9 months).

What is your Baton Rouge go-to coffee spot? There’s a CC’s Coffee House about a stone’s throw from our house, so that drive-through and I are really good friends.

What is your favorite Baton Rouge hidden gem? I don’t know if it’s so much “hidden”, but we love the Main Library on Goodwood. It’s so beautifully done and has so many things to do, both for kids and adults.

What’s your favorite Baton Rouge king cake? Ambrosia’s Zulu king cake. Holy cow, y’all. Chocolate, coconut, pralines, all the things. It’s so good.

What is your favorite Baton Rouge restaurant? Ichiban. Jeremy and I are sushi lovers, and a little bit of sushi snobs too – so this is one of the only places we’ll eat sushi at and one of our favorite date night spots.

On a typical Saturday night where would we find you in Baton Rouge? I wish I had a cool answer for this, but the reality is that I’m typically in bed binge watching whatever show Jeremy and I are hooked on at the moment. When we do get out, it’s typically to grab dinner with friends somewhere with good drinks and a fun atmosphere.

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